Q: What’s a brief history of the creation of Kittsona?: [Tessa] We met at a farmer's market in Downtown Grand Forks in the summer of 2011. I was selling my handmade jewelry, and Nicole came by and talked about how much she loved it! Nicole had passed by on her lunch break from her job at a downtown business. Later that day, my mom stopped into that business and started chatting with Nicole. My mom didn't realize Nicole and I had met that day already at the market, and thought that Nicole and I would hit it off. She helped set Nicole and I up for a coffee date, we started talking business, and the rest is history! We are now best friends, and I couldn't imagine doing it without each other! We have very different skills, but the same vision for the business so we like to call it the "perfect partnership"!

Q: Any advice for your loyal “queens” out here in cyber land?: [Nicole] Don't look outwardly to others to define who you are.  Be thankful for the gifts, talents and abilities you were given and make the most of it.  Take today as a gift, work hard, have fun and always remember that you have the choice to make life what you want it to be.  Each individual has unlimited potential, so set your sights high and take the necessary steps to get where you want to go, you only have this one chance, life moves quickly. Smile, have confidence, love others and be appreciative.  God has given us all love and countless opportunities, so make the most of who you are and what you've been given, be a blessing to others and remove the negativity from around you.  Beauty starts from within, so find that inner joy and contentment! Make the most of who you are, TODAY! xo

Tessa (left) & Nicole (right) - Owners of Kittsona