2 0 1 7 [ resolutions + goals ]

A new year. We've said to ourselves at least a million times, "2017? Here already?" Yes, it's true. Another year has gone with another one to look forward to! You don't have to pick a resolution for 2017 but with the new year comes a fresh start. So why not? Picking a goal to work towards and accomplish can be difficult. 

Most people choose too broad of a topic to focus on. For example: your new years resolution can be, "Be healthier." That can mean tons of different things! Choose one main topic out of getting healthier and zone in on it. This is way easier to tackle one thing at a time rather than getting discouraged by taking on too broad of resolution. 

Drink. More. h20. 
It's crucial to our health! Water does TONS of great things for our bodies. Flushing out toxins, helping with digestion, improving our mood and giving us clearer more healthy skin are just a few of the benefits we see from drinking more water! If you're not so much of a water drinker, we suggest adding lemon, mint or cucumbers to your water! It adds a little flavor and is much more refreshing than just drinking it plain. 

If this is part of your 2017 resolution we recommend getting a S'well bottle. They are life changing [ seriously! ] They'll keep your cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12. Plus they come in crazy cool + cute patterns and colors. 

Cook. M O R E. 
Skipping happy hour with our friends a few less times a week and spending more time in the kitchen is a goal of ours this year. We carry cookbooks for any and every occasion. Home cooked,  healthier options, low sugar baking... the list goes on forever! 

If there's one addition you make in your life this year. Make it this cook book > > > > >
MOLLY ON THE RANGE by none other than Molly freakin' Yeh herself. If you didn't know Molly is a resident of East Grand Forks, MN [ which is just a hop, skip and a jump from the original KITTSONA location ] whose cookbook is filled with TONS of midwestern recipes + stories of her life on a sugar beet farm.
+ she was recently featured on Forbes 2017 "30 under 30" list. HOW. COOL.  Do yourself a favor and make this cookbook part of your life [ & buy one for ALL of your friends + family ]

planning + j o u r n a l i n g
Some people are die hard planner people; writing any + everything down in their spiral bound book. We l o v e the idea of it but sometimes it totally slips our mind. Writing everything down gives us an easy way to reflect on the year past. Instead of having the thought, "What happened in the past year?" You have it all right there in front of you! 

Q & A a day books are [ perfect ] for doing that. Answering a different question every day for 365 days can be so fun to look back on to see how you've changed + grown. This '52 Lists for Happiness' is not only gorgeous [ obsessed with the floral pattern ] but is perfect for weekly journaling. It gives just the right amount of inspiration for positivity + happiness! It can allow you to bring more joy + balance into your life; it's the perfect way to ring in the new year! 

Have a H A P P Y [ 2 0 1 7 ] Queens! We're positive that this one will be the best yet + we can't wait to experience it all with Y O U !