Back-to-school : {the G O L D E N way}

Now that we're nearing the end of summer comes the dreaded back to school season. Waking up early, sitting in class and who could forget about homework, projects and presentations. While there are definitely cons about going back to school there are positives too! Getting into a schedule, back to school outfit shopping (that one's a given!) and purchasing adorable school supplies! We're here to show you the tons of notebooks, pens and planners that Kittsona has + a few tips and tricks for staying organized and on top of your game this year!

Stay Organized

An easy way to stay motivated and be more productive is a clean, well organized work area! Surround your desk with a few of your favorite things: your favorite color {if you didn't know, ours is gold}, a plant or flower to keep things looking bright and alive {we won't judge if it's fake or not} and a planner or notebook to jot down important thoughts and stay on top of things! We've found when you're surrounded by some of your favorite things you're more productive and motivated! 

We love having desk calendars laid out so we can visualize what's going on during the month and what we need to plan for! It's great for managing time when planning other things so you can see exactly what you have previously planned! We've kept a theme with our office supplies {gold, of course} so everything flows and matches. Also, if you're anything like us our computer and desk area is covered in sticky notes with to-do's and reminders. Use washi tape to add a bit of cute to the previously boring sticky notes!


Planners are a crucial part in staying organized during the year! They'll go with you everywhere and they have tons of space for planning out your days, jotting down to-do's and making lists. They're something that will be with you all year so be sure to pick one out that matches your personality and one with a pattern or color scheme you can't see yourself getting sick of! Shop for adorable planner options! The best part is they start the month of August 2015 and go all through the year of 2016! 

Kittsona also has tons of notebooks in different patterns, colors and sizes! So no matter if you're looking for something to write notes in during class or something smaller to fit in your purse to jot down random thoughts we have you covered! From hardcover to soft cover, lined to unlined we are your back-to-school notebook shop! All of the ones pictured above {+ more!} can be found online at! 

So now that you're on the right track to becoming organized, you need writing utensils! Your desk and notebooks are anything but boring so why use a standard, boring pen? From pens shaped like succulents to feathers and mechanical pencils that look like the real thing your pen and pencils will be write on point {writing pun intended... :) }

Now see, heading back to school won't be all that bad! With your new + adorable supplies you will be ready to take on and conquer the year like a Queen should! Shop the Kittsona Lifestyle store for tons of options of back to school gear or online at 24/7! Have a fun, productive and happy 2015-2016 school year, Queens! Love, your friends at Kittsona