Beauty Hacks Debunked

Happy Sunday everyone! So, we absolutely love Pinterest (follow us if you'd like!), and decided that we were going to put some of our favorite beauty hacks to the test. A sort of Kittsona edition Myth-Busters! So join the Kittsona gals and see what worked, and what failed miserably.

The name: Mirror Check

The claim: Check your car mirror (outdoors) for last-minute touchups before you head out for the day.

The verdict: Holy Hannah! Every woman has sneaked a peak in the car mirror after perfecting their makeup indoors. Lets just say it's a real eye-opener. Unfortunately, this beauty hack passes with flying colors!

What we suggest: Keep some extra powder and a brush in the car so that you can fix your unsightly mistakes without having to run back into the house. A tweezers is a great thing to have in your car, too!

Mirror Check Beauty Hack

The name: Braided Beach Waves

The claim: Separate your hair into chunks, then braid them. Run your straightener over the braids, undo them, and voila! Perfect California beach waves.

The verdict: Let's all spell it out together here... F. A. I. L.

What we suggest: Besides to just plain ole don't do it, we'd recommend investing in some texturizing spray. Spritz your damp hair and crunch the hair with your hands. Let it air dry, or blow-dry on low for more natural beach waves.

The name: The Static Eliminator

The claim: Having static hair problems? Simply run a dryer sheet through your tresses to eliminate the charge.

The verdict: Finally! The most hated winter hair problem now has a fix! This one really works, and we couldn't be more thrilled!

What we suggest: Keep a little zip-lock baggie with some dryer sheets in it around you, maybe in your purse! Use it whenever your hair gets a little cray cray, or your dress decides to go on an adventure where it shouldn't wander. You ladies know what we're talking about...

The name: Perfect Manicure

The claim: Apply lip balm around your nails. Paint your nails like usual, then simply wipe away the lip balm (and the nail polish that got onto it!) with ease, leaving a perfectly done manicure.

The verdict: Meh. It might work if you're really patient and you practice, otherwise, just do what you're doing.

What we suggest: If you get nail polish on the skin around your nails, just get a q-tip, dip it in nail polish remover, and get it off that way. This one's more of a struggle than it needs to be.

The name: Infinity Eyelashes

The claim: After applying one coat of your favorite mascara, dab some translucent powder over your lashes to make them thicker and longer. Apply another coat of mascara, and poof! Perfect eyelashes that go on for days.

The verdict: Don't waste your time! It's messy, and leaves your eyelashes looking dusty.

What we suggest: This is why man created eyelash curlers and mascaras like Better Than Sex by Too Faced!

So although we found some amazing beauty hacks, we're still on the lookout to make our beauty routines easier! It's back to the Pinterest boards to find some new hacks. If you have anything you'd like us to try, or some ah maze ing hacks that you can't live without, let us know! 

Xoxo, the Kittsona gals