DIY :: Hand Stamped Necklace

Happy Sunday, Queens! We're here with a hand stamped necklace D I Y project that is inexpensive, quick and easy - three things that we always look for when choosing a do it yourself craft. Personalized items are always cool but they'll hold an even more special place in your heart by making them yourself! The best part of this DIY is that everything you'll need to make the necklace is included in one of our makers kit's that you can purchase here! Let's get started!

Jewelry Stamping Kit
Stamping Kit

Included in each kit is:

Metal stamp alphabet & number set

2 circular brass blanks

Metal stamping hammer

2 brass plated split jump rings

24" brass ball & chain necklace

24" cord




> > Step 1: Choose the metal stamps that will spell out your word or saying. If you feel like you need some practice stamp on top of a piece of cardboard to get the hang of it.


> > Step 2: Position your first letter onto one of the brass blanks. Using 2-3 hard hits with the metal stamping hammer, stamp your jewelry. Be careful not to move the metal stamp in between hits. Continue stamping with the rest of your letters! *Be sure to choose a work surface that is able to get dinged up a bit. Or work on top a piece of cardboard. 


> > Step 3: Once you have all of your desired letters stamped, put one of the jump rings onto the stamped brass tag and then choose your chain. The kit comes with a brass ball and chain necklace or cord to choose from or you can use a chain that you already own! 


Wa-lah! There you have it! A totally cute, totally YOU piece of jewelry. The kit comes with two brass blanks so make one for you and one for your bestie for the ultimate friendship necklace! Stamp your name, a special day, initials and more! The options for this DIY are unlimited and YOU get to choose the design! And when someone asks you where you got your awesome necklace the best part will be saying, "I made it!" Purchase a kit from and get to making!