Getaway Guide : packing

It's 5 o 'clock on a Friday and your BFF texts you wanting to take a spur of the moment trip away for the weekend. You just planned on binge watching Netflix all weekend so you figure, why not!? You have 15 minutes to pack and get headed out the door but are at a loss of what to pack.  And if you're like us, you over pack.  All. The. Time. You don't actually end up using or wearing 1/2 the things you bring along anyways so what's the point? We've created the ultimate getaway guide using just the basics that we know you'll need! 

Our checklist consists of: 
> A duffle - this Krochet Kids duffel is large enough to fit the essentials but small enough to not take up too much room in the car (it leaves more room for shopping bags!) 
> A small makeup pouch - You don't have to bring your whole bathroom drawer on the trip. Throw your favorite makeup essentials in this adorable zippered pouch and you're good to go!
> Solid perfume - Perfume bottles can be bulky, breakable and leak all over your bag. Skip the stress and throw one of these Aromi solid perfumes your makeup pouch. They're small, easy to travel with and smell AMAZING.
> Road trip reading - We love a good book. When road tripping with your BFF this Love-Style-Life book is filled with fun style inspo that you can share with your bestie! 
> Wallet/clutch - No need to lug around your giant purse on weekend getaway. This Gretchen Clutch is both a wallet and cross body in ONE!

Shop the Gretchen Clutch online here

Pack looks that can be easily transitioned from day to night! Pair this dress with some strappy sandals during the day and throw on your favorite statement necklaces and heels for night! That way you won't have unnecessary outfits taking up space in your bag! 

Weekends at the lake are what we LIVE for during the summer. We hate having to pack up a ton of stuff only to have to unpack it two days later. We keep our bag packed and ready with our favorite essentials and just swap out the clothes when we have to unpack! 

Our favorite lake essentials consists of:
> A backpack - they're easy to carry around, hold a ton of stuff and don't take up much space! 
> Sun hat - they not only look SO adorable but they keep your precious head from becoming sunburnt. Most often they are hard to travel with because they're bulky and can become squished in transit. The one pictured above can be rolled and stored in your bag without losing its shape - we call that a W I N ! 
> Sunglasses - these are a NEED.
> Coloring book - time at the lake is meant to be relaxing. What better place to get in some quality coloring time!
> Your favorite shorts and tank - Our HOME tanks are perfect for throwing over your swimsuit. We live in ours! 
> Tumbler - staying hydrated while you're in the sun all day in crucial! 

Krochet Kids backpacks and duffels are some of the best. They're adorable, great quality, and they'll last you forever! 

Stay cool in the most [ delicious ] way. All it takes is 3 AAA batteries for a sweet breeze! This portable fan looks good enough to eat!

What are some of your favorite getaway essentials? Share with us on our social media @kittsona!