F A L L Into {Golden} Decor

Happy Sunday, Queens! We've covered some of our favorite parts of fall {the treats + style} but now it's onto      D E C O R! Nothing makes us happier than surrounding ourselves at home with festive Fall elements such as neutral colors, cozy blankets and yummy smelling candles. Kittsona has tons of fall items that can make your house Fall ready! Check out some of our favorites that are featured in Kittsona Lifestyle > >

We are OBSESSING over this fall table-scape! If we could, we would insert a heart eyes emoji riiiight here! 

We are OBSESSING over this fall table-scape! If we could, we would insert a heart eyes emoji riiiight here! 

Mercury glass is at the TOP of our list this season for fall decor. Not only is it stunning but it can be taken well past the fall season and used for decor other times of the year, too! Put in some of these golden flowers/leaves from Kittsona Lifestyle and you have yourself the | perfect | {golden} centerpiece! Or set a candle inside to give off a gorgeous glow!

What says, "Hello, FALL!" more than a faux deer head? We love this trend that adds a little bit of masculinity to our home decor. Plus, we're sure the men in your life would approve of this too! {SCORE!} It fits perfectly with our one-of-a-kind wood wall at Kittsona Lifestyle! There's different styles, sizes and colors of faux deer head inspired items available! 

You can't go through fall without a cozy blanket, right? And we've found that once you buy one it's hard to stop. We're firm believers in never having enough blankets. Who's with us? Whether you choose faux fur or chunky knit, we're rest assured that you won't freeze to death! Along with a cozy blanket you need a few fall themed throw pillows to display! We've found that throw pillows are the easiest way to mix in and out as the season changes. Store your summer ones in a closet for next year and display your fall ones! 

Candles, candles, candles! Yes, please! We can picture it now: cozied up on the couch with a chunky knit blanket, sipping some apple cider with the glow of a delicious scented candle lighting up the room! We love changing out our candles with the seasons because not only do they smell heavenly they give off a cozy ambiance! Kittsona has tons of yummy scents with pumpkin spice, chai latte and cedar wood vanilla to name just a few!   

Shop all things fall at Kittsona Lifestyle or find a few fall inspired things online at kittsona.com! Like us, we hope you take advantage of decorating for this beautiful season!

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