G O L D E N - Thumb

If you’re a regular Kittsona blog reader you’re already a pro at cooking, DIY’ing and fashion so why not add garden extraordinaire to your list of achievements! Although if you’re like us the thought of keeping any sort of plant or flower alive is a little scary. Have no fear! Kittsona has tons of garden kits, adorable planters and fun accessories to get you feeling golden-thumb ready {the Kittsona’fied green thumb!} Sit back, relax and dig in! - Garden pun intended :)

get the golden thumb
Mason Jar Herb Kits

> H E R B * K I T S <

Wanting to grow your own basil, cilantro or parsley? These garden jar herb kits are the perfect thing to ease yourself into gardening. Everything you need is included in the jar plus it’s self-watering so when you forget about it over a long weekend it’ll still be alive and healthy {not like we’ve ever done that…} The steps are easy: pour two cups of water into a jar, add the grow medium, plant food and seeds, watch them sprout and enjoy your herbs! Plus the jars are designed to be reused over and over! They're available in cilantro, parsley and basil plus the colored jars would look adorable sitting in your windowsill! We love it when practical items double as decor - score! Click here to shop!





 > H E R B * G A R D E N * S A C K <

Looking to challenge yourself and start with something larger when learning to garden? The herb garden sack is what you need! Similar to the mason jar herb kits, the garden sack is also self-watering. The process is the exact same as the jars but larger in size and the included herbs are cilantro, flat leaf parsley and thai basil! Plus, how cute would this recycled burlap coffee sack look soaking up the sunlight on your shelf! Shop the garden sacks here!

> G A R D E N * B O N * B O N S <

Next up, one of our favorites! Say hello to the prettiest seeds you’ll ever see: garden bon bons. While they look good enough to eat, this garden candy is for planting - not eating (yet!) Garden bon bons are seeds rolled with organic compost and clay into a ball and dusted with natural pesticides like coffee, pepper and cinnamon. Each pack is filled with different herbs such as grilling herbs, italian herbs and culinary basil! The steps are simple: place the garden bon bon on top of soil, water frequently and wait for your herbs to sprout! They can be garden grown or container grown. (Click the picture to shop Garden Bon Bons!) Need ideas for cute pots? Click here to shop! 


So maybe the idea of gardening isn’t really appealing to you but you still want the look of lush, green plants around your house. In true Kittsona fashion of course we have you covered! From mini faux grass to larger plants you’ll be able to decorate with them while fooling your guests into thinking you have a golden-thumb.

Be sure to stop into any Kittsona location to find adorable gardening accessories and kits to get you golden-thumb ready! Or check out the 'Garden' tab on kittsona.com for all of your adorable vases, floral gardening must haves and herb kits all in one place! Remember > > it's FREE shipping on ANY order! Enjoy, Queens! 


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