Perfect Summer Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee Recipe

Hi queens! We hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th OF JULY weekend! If you're not quite ready to get back into the swing of a regular work week, maybe this iced coffee how-to will perk you up!

What you'll need:

  • 4oz. ground coffee
  • 2 quarts cool water
  • Half n half, milk, or whatever else you want to add to your coffee!

1) Grab a large container (we used a mixing bowl). Pour in the water and the coffee grounds, making sure that all the grounds get damp. Let it sit overnight! About 8-12 hours.

2) Grab a fine mesh strainer, and line it with a paper towel. Place over another bowl (to catch the coffee). Pour your coffee mixture into the strainer/paper contraption, and watch the liquid gold come out! Squish the grounds to make sure you don't leave a drop :)

3) You're done! See, that was easy, wasn't it? Store in your fridge for up to a week and a half. Pour over ice cubes, add mixers, and enjoy!

And there's only one thing that can make homemade iced coffee THAT much better, and that's an adorable mug to drink if from! Check out for the trendiest mugs of the summer!