Sugar . Spice + MN Nice

Happy Sunday, Queens! If you didn't already know, Kittsona was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota in 2011 and has since then had locations pop up all over the state! Our Queens are known for showing their state pride through accessories, clothing and decor! & being that three out of four of our locations {Kittsona Lifestyle + Fargo + Grand Forks} are just minutes away from Minnesota we thought we would show some love to our neighbors to the east!

There's lots to love about Minnesota and we'll fill you in on a few of our favorite facts about the Land of 10,000 lakes. Along with showcasing some of our favorite MN apparel, accessories and home decor! 

> First things first we just have to point out the shape. While we're proud of the rectangular shaped state that we come from {ND} Minnesota's is so unique!

> The land of 10,000 + lakes! Who doesn't love the water?! Whether you're admiring the beauty, fishing, tubing or whatever else the lake is pretty cool. 10,000 of them? Even cooler! 

> Home to the very first indoor shopping mall {setting the scene for shopping, you go MN!} and also home to one of the largest {hello, MOA!} 

> The birthplace of everyone's favorite office supply: post-it notes. Thank goodness the Minnesota based company {3M} invented those. While our desk would look less cluttered, how else would we remind ourselves that we have a meeting on Monday at 3. We definitely couldn't live without post-it notes {and we wouldn't want to try!}

> Where our beloved and second favorite store {Kittsona being first, duh!} began! T A R G E T ! If you're anything like us you know the struggle of running into Target for one thing {ONE!} and coming out with two new pairs of shoes, a few new shirts and groceries that you didn't even need. Something in the air at Target makes us loose any sense of self-control + yet we still can't resist! Target = a Minnesota WIN! 

> Home to one of the best and also first and largest not-for-profit medical centers in the world, the Mayo Clinic.

> MN was also inventor of the Juicy Lucy > cheese stuffed inside of a hamburger. OK Y U M ! Minnesota is doing it right!

> Last, but not least, niceness! You've heard it before, Minnesota-Nice, the stereotypical well-mannered, humble attitude that anybody who's visited MN has experienced from the locals!

There you have it, Queens! All things dedicated to our favorite neighboring state! Shop all things Minnesota related online at or at our Fargo, Grand Forks or Lifestyle location!