Where do you call home? Whether it's North Dakota or Minnesota, we've got your home decor, gift ideas and clothing needs covered. Kittsona is known for it's large selection of ND + MN items [ most locally handmade ] and each one is hand picked and guaranteed unique!

Recently we've released a brand new line of items that was created + designed just for US! They make the best gifts that ensure your pick is one of a kind. You can't find these items anywhere else aside from all Kittsona locations and on kittsona.com! Everything from water bottles to frisbees, we're sure you can find something in this collection that you're sure to love!

Everything featured in today's blog is a KITTSONA exclusive and has been designed and created by us for us! Enjoy! XO

Ditch the plastic water bottles and sip your favorite drink out of these chic glass bottles. They come with a super secure glass/rubber lid to ensure your drink doesn't spill everywhere while traveling! Showing your love for ND or MN off in the chicest way possible. 

Our KITTSONA exclusive MN + ND design comes printed on tumblers, bottles and mugs! 

Keeping your drinks cold while soaking up the sun at the lake, relaxing in the backyard or even just in front of the TV! Shop them online here! [ ND + MN ]

Never loose your keys again! Ok, maybe not ever again but less often! This retro style key chain serves as both practical and adorable! Showing off your state pride every way possible! 

Channeling our inner 90's self and freaking out over these adorable retro enamel pins. We want one of each to pin everywhere [ our denim jacket, purse, backpack and more! ] Minnesota, North Dakota, Midwest... our pin obsession is real.

Summertime is the perfect time to hang out with your favorites and throw around this adorable frisbee. Or pack it along with you and bring to the lake for the ultimate afternoon activity! As the frisbee says... Midwest, does it best! 

Our ND wheat collection FLYS out the door as soon as it hits the website and the stores. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a piece from this KITTSONA exclusive collection, do it! You won't be disappointed. They are all things soft, cozy and one of a kind! You won't regret getting one of each tank, tee, baseball style, crewneck or hoodie!

Obsessed would be an understand when it comes to us and these mugs. We seriously can't get over how much we love them! + they're locally made and hand spun! No two are the same which is what makes them one of our favorites! We want one of each [ seriously ] 

Which KITTSONA ND + MN exclusives have you gotten your hands on? You can shop all items in store at any location or online at kittsona.com!

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