New Year . New Y O U

Hello, 2016! In true Kittsona fashion we are starting the year off with a bang and have something exciting and NEW to share with our Queens! Drum roll please... coming within the first week of January we can't wait to introduce to you our new FITNESS line! Adorable fitness wear such as athletic tops, leggings, sports bras, yoga pants and fitness accessories ranging from water bottles to yoga mats,  gym bags and more! Take a sneak peek at just a few of the pieces from the line! 


Our new fitness line will make it easy to stick to your 2016 resolution to become a healthier, better Y O U ! Sometimes all it takes for a little bit of motivation to get into the gym is some new workout attire > so why not treat yourself to a couple { or five } new athletic pieces! 


Picking a New Year's resolution can be hard. Most people choose too broad of a subject to focus on so it's important to narrow down what you really want to accomplish on doing for the year! One of the obvious, more popular ones is health + fitness. Maybe you want to drink more water throughout the day, make it to the gym a couple more times a week or cutout your nightly bowl of ice cream. Heath and fitness can mean a variety of things so be sure to try and focus on something that you really want to try accomplish. Start small and work your way up to the larger things, that way you won't get discouraged if you can't tackle the larger things first! 

Grab a workout buddy to keep each other on track and motivated! Sometime it's nice to have somebody to drag you with to the gym even when you don't really feel like going or somebody that you can rely on for tips + advice! Having a gym bud is an easy way to keep each other accountable for sticking to your 2016 resolutions! 

We are especially loving our wide variety of athletic accessories: yoga mats, water bottles, headbands, gym bags and the list goes on! We can't get enough of these yoga mats! The quality, colors and inspiring messages printed on them have us sold. If your new years resolution is to explore the world of yoga a bit more we encourage you to invest in a good mat! A gym bag is also a crucial accessory because, well, you'll need to haul your stuff around somehow! The one in the picture above is a super soft, silky feeling, drawstring backpack that is light enough to not even really feel like you're wearing a backpack!

The pieces in our athletic line are all unique in their own way and feel luxurious { with a skinny price tag of course :) } Tank tops, long sleeves, open back, racer back, criss cross, capri leggings, yoga pants, workout leggings... the list keeps going! We picked a variety of pieces that are sure to suit everybody's likes!  

Aside from workout gear and accessories we also have a wide variety of healthy cook books > from gluten free and vegan to meal planners and books for nutrition and beauty pick up something outside your comfort zone and give it a try! 

Let 2016 be all about Y O U, Queen! Inspire. Work hard. Be determined. Try new things. Go outside your comfort zone. Focus on your 2016 resolution and work towards achieving your goal! We can't wait to share our new active wear line with you and inspire you to be the best YOU can be! 

Happy New Year, Queens! | X O