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You're packing for a trip, getting ready to close your bag and all of the sudden realize it either doesn't close or you can't manage to lift it off of the ground. Raise your hand if you're guilty of over packing... All. The. Time. We've all been there. Sometimes more often than we'd like to admit. What if the rest of the 8 shirts you packed won't be good enough? Or what if you just need to bring with that extra pair of sandals? Breathe in : breath out. We have a few of our own tips + tricks to help you Queens who suffer from overpackitis {the Kittsona coined term for over packing}

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The key for smart packing is to stick with the essentials. Pack multiple basics that can be paired together for multiple different looks, this way you can get the most use out of less styles! Planning ahead is also crucial into getting the most space out of your bag. Lay out all of your clothes that you might want to bring and put most of them back. Seriously. Think logical! The less you pack now the less you have to unpack {it's a win!} or if you think like us: the more room you have for shopping! 

Plus, how awesome is this tank? {Killin' It.} ALL THE TIME. The perfect shirt for the weekend. 

Something that we've found that works for us is rolling our clothes, we think it gives us more room + lays in our bag or suitcase better. Another packing hack is using straws to organize your necklaces. Sounds weird, we know. Just slip one half of the chain into the straw and it saves you from the headache of untangling them later! If you're packing shoes use them to store things! Socks and toiletries can be put into your shoes to help them keep their shape and also utilize every inch of space that you have.

Store your favorite tumbler in the side pocket to stay hydrated on the go! Be sure to invest in a good, durable bag that can keep up with traveling. These Krochet Kid duffels are both sturdy + adorable. Each one is signed by the artisan from Uganda + Peru that hand crochets each style. Check out the different varieties at any of our locations! 

Use a stylish tote bag for an airplane carry on or just to pack for a quick over night trip. If you pack a scarf tie it around the handle to free up some of the space inside. 

Are you ready to plan an adventure yet so you can pack like a pro? We've got tons of different size backpacks, tote bags, duffels and more that are practical all while keeping you stylish. Stop by your nearest Kittsona location :: happy shopping! xoxo

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