How To: The Perfect Selfie

Seflies! You all know what they are… You’re either guilty of taking them yourself or have witnessed this 21st century pastime firsthand.

So how do you take the perfect selfie? Well, it can be tricky if you don’t know a few basic tips. Lets go through them.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 12.37.38 PM.png


Hands-down, the most important factor of a selfie. Experiment with a few different types of locations, for example: outdoors, florescent light, bathroom light (yes this is a thing), the light in your car, and so on… It’s like trying on shoes. Find what works best for your skin tone, and work with that!

Head Position

Rule number one: don’t ever use the front facing camera while looking down. Whoever you are, it’s probably not going to be too flattering. Instead, try to hold your camera a few inches above your eye level, and don’t look straight-on at the camera. Our minds recognize facial symmetry as an admirable trait, but about 100% of us don’t have a perfectly symmetrical face. Turning your head just slightly tricks peoples brains into thinking you’re more even than you are! And lastly, hold your chin out a little bit. This will define your jaw line and make your face appear slightly slimmer.


One app we swear by, is Photoshop. Not to use it to make yourself into something you’re not, but it’s perfect for easy touch-ups. There’s a blemish remover, in case you’re having one of those days, and you can also change the clarity of the picture to make your skin appear smoother. There’s also some pretty awesome filters!

The Stick!

Last but definitely not least… the selfie stick! They look weird and you might get some strange looks for using them, but they’re pretty dang amazing. It’s a must if you’re traveling or somewhere really cool (like a concert or sporting event). You can fit WAY more into the frame, and the angles you’ll get give your photos a whole new creative dimension. And, luckily for our queens, we just so happen to have them at Kittsona :)