How To // Smokey Eye

There’s a few fashion and beauty staples that will never go out of style. Leopard print, classic red, black pumps, loose curls, and … the S M O K E Y eye.

A lot of people are intimidated by the sultry look, but we’re here to give you a few easy tips for the purrrfect smokey cat eye.

Here's what we use: Urban Decay eyeshadow, Dior Show Maximizer eyelash primer, Better Than Sex mascara, Eyeko liquid eyeliner.

   Start with a lighter shade on the inside half of your lid. I like to opt for a shimmery bronze, but a white shadow creates a more dramatic look.

   Choose a matte black eyeshadow (we like Urban Decay’s “blackout” :: it literally lasts years, so it’s worth the investment). Matte shadows tend to photograph better in everyday situations!

   You’re going to look weird, but do your shadow first before anything else. Take a S M A L L amount of black shadow and follow your eye socket bone up the ends of your lids :: only go ¾ of a way!

   Now, open your eyes. You’ll be able to see where the black is, and you’ll want to go just a touch above the fold of your lid. This way when your eyes are open, they’ll still give the smokey effect.

   Once you’re layered your shadow to the desired darkness, blend it all together by using small brush strokes (with no shadow).

   With a round eyeshadow brush, tap the black shadow a few times. Dab this gently on the outer lower lid, blending in to the sides.

   Next up: eyeliner! This step is really up to the person. I personally like to use liquid eyeliner on ¾ of my top lid, and not use any on the lower half. For a more dramatic look, add more eyeliner.

   Curl lashes, apply eyelash primer, and 2-3 coats of your favorite mascara until your desired effect is achieved.

Voila! You’re ready for a steamy night out on the town. Give it a shot, and share with us your [after] photos! Go get ‘em, tiger!

XOXOXOOO -The Kittsona Gals