Southern [ L O V E ]

Did you hear the news, Queens? Our Kittsona family is about to get a whole lot bigger! Coming fall 2016 you can find Kittsona in, drum roll please.... Austin, TX! By fate in a true love story Kittsona is taking a whole lotta midwest charm down south! 

We are so blessed + overjoyed + thrilled for the opportunity to bring some Kittsona midwest magic to the big state of Texas. Today's blog is all about TX and some of our favorite reasons that led us to believe it is the perfect place for our newest home. Enjoy! XO

A big place with a small town feel ❤️
Kittsona is full of local love + it's no secret that our Queens are too. There's no shortage of "Hello's!" out on the street and it is a safe + strong community that looks out for their city. The motto "Keep Austin Weird" is a pledge of citizens to keep the city unique even as it grows at a rapid pace. The atmosphere is relaxed, a live easy type of attitude, yet full of adventure. 

F U L L of adventures > >
Austin is full of lakes and rives - but not your average rivers. The kind where you can see the rocks below your feet and have shallow areas to sit with friends. There's areas to float, kayak, stand up paddle board and more! It's filled with miles and miles of trails for hiking along the rivers, boulders for rock-climbing and trails for mountain biking too! It is full of nature and every-day activities. 

DOG [ friendly ]
Want to bring your dog along on all of your adventures? No. Problem. Everything is dog friendly. Zilker Park is a local hotspot with 351 acres of adventure filled with a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline, access to the city boardwalk and is the perfect place for a picnic with your dog! 


Known as the Live Music Capitol of the world it has more music venues per capita than anywhere else! You can find live music out at the bars, in restaurants, in the parks or in outdoor venues. It's a host to two of the largest festivals - the Austin City Limits music festival that is so large they do two weekends of it! And South by Southwest (SXSW) which spans over 3 weeks in March! It's not uncommon to run into someone famous in Austin! Matthew McConaughey lives here and is usually seen out and about - WOAH! 

Tech • Savvy / / / 
Ever heard of Silicon Vally in California? Where Uber and Twitter all started? Austin is known as the second Silicon Valley. Many tech start-ups come to Austin to begin their business. This makes Austin a very tech-savvy city. There's an app for just about anything: You can have someone bring you your lunch, do your grocery shopping, hire a professional for anything from landscaping to photographers, find dog-sitters and walkers, pay for your bar tab and M O R E ! 

There's so many local attractions in or near Austin. Hamilton Pool, 360 Bridge, Mount Bonnell, Enchanted Rock, Rainy Street... the list is SO long! We can not wait to be a part of the growing + expanding community of Austin. We are ready to embrace, love and continue to grow our midwestern roots down south. Be sure to enter our HUGE giveaway on Facebook > > The ULTIMATE VIP experience for 2! [you + your friend] We will f l y you to Austin for the GRAND OPENING of Kittsona Austin [September 29 - October 2nd] Check out our Facebook page for details on how to enter!! 

We love y'all (we're starting to practice!) sooooo much, Kittsona Queens!