{thanks}giving : table decor & treats

Thanksgiving?! Already! We can't believe it either, Queens. It seems like the year has flown by and it's hard to believe it's almost the Christmas season. But before we jump right into Christmas we try to be careful to not overlook Thanksgiving! It's a favorite holiday of ours, the food and being with family - what's not to love! Hold off on Christmas decorating for one more week and get prepared to decorate your table scape for Thanksgiving! We've put together a little sample that can give you an idea of how you can decorate for turkey day! Plus, we're showing off some of yummy & delicious treats you can bake and bring!

You don't get the entire family too often to eat a huge meal so go all out when decorating for the holiday! Choose a large centerpiece for the table to add a variation in height. Make it as simple or elaborate as you want but make sure it catches your guests eye! We filled a wooden tray with yummy smelling pinecones and a tall green glass vase with gold {of course!} faux flowers.  

Use small bowls or trays upside down to add height to your festive decor! This ensures that everything won't get lost on the table! You worked hard on decorating - make sure everybody see's it! Shop these 'Stay Fancy' wine glasses here! Perfect for the occasion :) 

These mini stoneware crock dishes are perfect for storing snack size items on the table while everybody waits for the food! We also scattered the pinecones around the table to fill in the empty space. 

Onto the treats! Y U M ! 

Hot chocolate is bound to win everybody over! Mix with hot milk and you'll have a classic drink for all ages! (And if you're like us: add extra marshmallows!) 

If you want more pumpkin options rather than just pumpkin pie, these muffin and bread mixes are perfect! Or try a little bit of everything! There's no such thing as too much pumpkin on Thanksgiving, right? 

These chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies are a great after dinner dessert to enjoy with coffee. Plus, they taste homemade so nobody will even know they came from a box! We call that a win!

Last but not leasts: DOT'S! These delicious {ND made!} pretzels are perfect for your guests to snack on before the big meal. Although, they are addicting and it's impossible to have just one {trust us, we've tried} Your guests might get full off of these before the meal, so serve in moderation ;) 

Shop all of this gorgeous decor and these delicious treats at Kittsona Lifestyle! Have a great time with friends and family and eat t o n s of delicious food and treats! From our Kittsona family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! <3