The Kittsona Experience

Hi there QUEENS! We are so excited, and completely thrilled to introduce you to our brand. new. blog! We've invited our friend and fav writer, Brittany, to kick it all off with the very first post! We hope you enjoy your experience on our site, and we look forward to sharing with you what we wear, live, and love! xoxo, Kittsona

While contemplating what Kittsona Blog's very first post should be, I entertained ideas of different fashions and styles, decor, and even an Instagram spotlight. I wanted to pick something that showcased Kittsona's culture and overall shopping experience. Because ladies you know just as well as I do, that shopping IS about the experience and not just the clothes.

I began my love affair with Kittsona via the good ol' world wide web. Since I live outside of town, sometimes it's just more convenient to get amazing clothing shipped directly to my doorstep (and in the most perfect packaging, may I add). When I started buying from them online, I was always curious what the actual store was like. If it was just as beautiful and comfortable as their online shop.

Because of this wonder, I think it's a good idea to walk our online friends (that's you!) through the oh-so-adorable and welcoming boutique spaces that Kittsona occupies. Right here, right now.

The overall theme to their stores: attention to detail. There's not one thing that goes uncared for. The crisp white of the shop is accented by touches of gold, blush, natural elements, and an amazing variety of high-quality clothing. You really do feel like a "Queen" when you're shopping here!

Ready to have your mind blown?

They sell more than ah.mazing women's fashion. Add to the list men's clothes, gifts galore (including kids, dogs, DIY), and home decor. If that's not impressive enough, every item is hand-picked by their owners. The personal, real-life items that they offer are perfect for any midwestern shopper.

Back to my "not one thing is left uncared for" comment: notice how even the support column is adorned with flowers. I think we can all agree that a little bit of flower goes a long way.

One thing that always gets me when I'm shopping is organization. I find it hard to shop when I need to filter through racks and racks of unsorted clothing. Not a problem here! There's a peaceful balance between structure and "homeiness." It's like shopping in your best friend's very well organized (and better-than-your) closet. Check out these perfectly organized displays! (click to zoom)

Next stop on our virtual tour: a little sample of the specialty items from their Lifestyle collection! You'll just swoon over their luxury bubble bath and perfumes. And you know those adorable metal-stamped necklaces that are all the rage? Yep, they have that too! Seriously, can gift buying get any easier? [ don't tell the boys, we can't make it that easy on 'em ;) ]

Last, but definitely not least, we're taking a little trip to the Creative Studio! If you visit, you're sure to see the infamous brick wall that's the backdrop of many of the gorgeous product photos. It's also been featured a time or two on Instagram. OK who am I kidding... this wall is famous. I'm so excited to share a little behind-the-scene action with you all! This is where all the visual magic happens...

There you have it! A wonderful peak into the Kittsona Experience.

We're definitely not done bringing you the best of Kittsona. Stick around for weekly posts on all things fashion, products, and trends. And who knows, maybe we'll throw a few surprises in there, too.

Good night Queens!