Step by Step: How To Cut a T-Shirt

Old high school t-shirts? Band t's that your family just cant let go of? Fear no more- keep them, and enjoy them, too! Follow this quick step-by-step tutorial on how to turn your old t's into trendy racer backs!

1) Pick your favorite old (or new!) t-shirt, and decide you'd like to turn it into a tank!

2) Find a flat surface, and lay your t-shirt on it. Make sure the seams are symmetrical.

3) Get your tools- all you'll need is a Sharpie and a scissors.

4) Take a racer-back tank and lay it over your t-shirt. Make sure the tank fits you how you want your t-shirt to! Outline (lightly) the neck of the t-shirt.

5) Cut away! .. at the t-shirt (not your annoying boyfriend). Totally kidding. But really, tread lightly and make sure your cuts are smooth and in a nice line, so as not to create jagged edges on the neckline.

6) Ta-da! You officially have a neckline.. now to #7..

7) Fold your t-shirt in half, and create (again, light) an outline of the tank on the arms. Cut.

8) On the excess material of the sleeves, cut small lines to create the "string" for the back of your tank later;

9) Smooth up your edges, ladies! It's all in the details.

10) Take a piece of the material you cut from the remaining sleeves, and tie a knot where you'd like the racer back to begin. This is going to be different for every body type, so whatever works for you!

11) Take the remaining pieces of fabric, and create multi-ties in the back until you receive the desired effect.

12) Boom- Donezo! You officially have a trendy way to show off your high school, college, band, or brand new fav t's as a tank top. Pair with a statement necklance and/or a comfy cardigan, and voila! You're ready for a night on the town.

How did your shirts turn out? Tag us in your photos! <3 Xox, the Kittsona gals!!