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It's no secret that we here at Kittsona are in LOVE with animals. Big, small, cats, dogs... we're obsessed with ALL of them. And we especially have a soft spot in our hearts for rescue animals :) If you didn't know, we team up with Circle of Friends Humane Society in Grand Forks in which we feature animals every other week to try find them forever homes! To say our passion for animals is large would be an understatement!

This weeks blog is all about our four-legged friends! We're featuring some of our favorite pet products that we carry as well as some of our very own fur babies! Enjoy all of their pictures and a question and answer session with some of them! XO

Name: Armando Ross
Street names: Mando, Mondies, Mr. Worldwide and Mando Man
Age: I'm 4 years old! My birthday is August 27th!
Favorite food? Peanut butter, popcorn, ice cream, anything my humans eat but definitely not my dog food.  
Weird habit? I don't like to beg like other dogs I know. I sit perfectly under the table and breath and snort as LOUUUD as I can to try and get a bite!
Favorite toy? I looove my deer antlers and any of my old toys that already have the stuffing AND the squeaker ripped out of them. I like to just chew on the fabric! 
What do you do in your spare time? I LOVE to hunt chipmunks and run wild and free at the farm or the golf course! 
Fun fact:
I'm actually a southern gent. My mom and dad rescued me off the streets of Charlotte, N.C. 
#2 In the morning I like to bark at my dad to make him think that I have to go to the bathroom when really... I just want to steal his spot. Works every time! :D

Name: Mila
Age: 3
Favorite food? Milk + Ice Cream, just like mom :) 
Weird habit? Nibbling on mom and dads plants / nibbling on moms tutus <yum> feels good on my teeth!
Favorite toy? My blue + silver fuzz balls! Oh my gosh they hake my heart happy! I like to hide them under the couch, then they don't get lost.
What do you do in your spare time? I looooove to take naps. Dads office chair is my favorite. If you holler my name and can't find me, check the chair!
Fun fact: my all time favorite thing to do EVER • play fetch. Yep! Mom plays with me each morning while she's getting ready for work [ she's got a pretty good throwing arm ] Dad plays with me when mom is gone [ he doesn't throw as far as she does ] 

Name: Ben/Bennie/Bennie Boo Boo/Muffin/Luggers/Yuggas/Baby Boy/Peanut/Lover/Bennie Joon - I have A LOT!
Age: I'm 6 years old! My birthday is November 1st!
Favorite food? I loooove rice! 
Weird habit? I drag blankets alllll over the house! Mom and Dad think I'm soooo cute!
Favorite toy? My bone - I hide it everyyyyywhere.
What do you do in your spare time? Go on car rides, nap, hide my bone, snuggle and eat Starbucks whip cups [ they know me by name there! ] 
Fun fact: I'm adopted! 

olive 4.jpg

Name: Olive
Age: I'm almost 4 months old! My birthday is April 2nd :) 
Favorite food? Well, I haven't gotten to try too many foods yet... but my favorite is scrambled eggs! I get SO excited when Mom makes them every morning because I know I get a little bite! 
Weird habit? I think it is so much fun to look and scratch at myself in the mirror or any surface where I can see my reflection! A mirror, the fridge, the dishwasher... it's just SO. MUCH. FUN!
Favorite toy? I love ALL my toys, but my favorite is probably my lamb stuffed animal or my squeaky tennis ball!
What do you do in your spare time? Chew! Anything I can get my paw on, I just have to chew on it!
Fun fact: I LOVE my big sister, Lola! She is seriously the best. She is so much fun to chase around, plus she has the best tail to chew on! I know she loves me as much as I love her! 

Name: Lola
Age: I'm 8 years old! My birthday is December 2nd! 
Favorite food? I LOVE when Mom or Dad adds chicken or eggs to my dog food! I'm a little picky and very spoiled :) 
Weird habit? My favorite place to be is under any blanket or pillow.. I even love to hide IN mom's pillow sometimes! 
Favorite toy? My favorite toy is my stuffed horse that I've had ever since I was a little puppy! It's the size of me but I'm tough and can carry it anywhere!
What do you do in your spare time? I sleep.... A LOT! But, I love going to the park and running around too!
Fun fact: I have a new little sister, Olive! I loved being the only puppy child and I'm a little sassy, so Olive isn't my favorite yet! But that's normal, right!? 

Name: Kingston
Age: 6'ish? I was adopted, so I'm not really sure. I celebrate my birthday with my little brother Melvin's on February 2nd! 
Favorite food? I really love puppacinos! Treat yo' self!
Weird habit? I like to hide when I know it's bedtime.... because who likes bedtime?!
Favorite toy? My super bouncy ball!
What do you do in your spare time? Snuggle under blankets, play with Melvin, take it easy and soak up the sun in the summer.
Fun fact: I can throw my toys all by myself!

Name: Melvin
Age: I'm 3! My birthday is February 2nd!
Favorite food? Whatever my dad has, I know I will get a little taste! 
Weird habit? I always leave my head/nose out of the blanket. I have to make sure I'm not missing out on anything! 
Favorite toy? Whatever my brother Kingston has at the moment! 
What do you do in your spare time? Usually hang out with my dad and play with Kingston. 
Fun fact: I'm REALLY spoiled by my parents!

Name: Rosco
Age: I just turned 1 year old!
Favorite food? Literally anything I can get my nose into! #foodie
Weird habit? When my humans are sleeping, I like to put my paw up on them.
Favorite toy? My stuffed duck!
What do you do in your spare time? I love to play catch (I'm getting really good), get my belly scratched by my humans, and play with my friends at daycare.
Fun fact: Even though I'm a big guy, I like to play with friends of all sizes! Like my neighbor, Melvin!

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