g i v i n g | g u i d e

Valentines Day: a whole lotta l o v e + hearts all around + eating as much chocolate as you want - who could hate it?! While we definitely think you should show love + appreciation to your friends + family + significant other alllll year round; it's nice to have a day carved out just for that! 

You don't have to have a significant other to enjoy Valentine's Day to the fullest extent. Grab your bestie + a few movies + snacks and you're ready for the ultimate Galentine's date. In fact, just in time for Valentine's Day, Kittsona is launching an all new bath + body collection. Every product featured is hand-made | organic + vegan & cruelty free. We're launching a wide variety of bath bombs, lip balms, face masks, dry shampoos, soaps + SO. MUCH. MORE. Enjoy a sneak peek at just a handful of the items that you can find!

Each location will be launching them February 9th along with fun in-store treats + prizes. [ check out our FB event page to find the details for the location nearest you! ] 

These lip balms come in N I N E different scents. From classics like cherry + strawberry to unique like honey mint + limoncello, you can't go wrong with any of them! + they're made in TX! 

These masks are p e r f e c t for travel. Each test tube contains enough for one mask. Just mix with water to create a paste and apply to your face! 
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This cactus face polish is the perfect exfoliant. It helps to remove dead skin cells and increase blood flow! Leaving you with smooth skin and a healthy g l o w! 

Essential oils are so popular right now! These amazing smelling 100% essential oil mists are sure to help keep you rejuvenated + refreshed all day long. Use as a facial mist for a mid-day pick me up or a linen spray to keep your house smelling fresh - there's no wrong way to use them! 

Dry shampoo: one of our must have beauty items! Perfect for the days when you're in a hurry and skipped washing your hair in the shower. Or for the days when you just want to add a l i t t l e volume + texture to your "too clean" hair. 

These powder dry shampoo's are p e r f e c t because there's a different formula for each hair color! No more white residue left behind on your precious locks. + they're formulated with rice powder which becomes transparent when it comes in contact with the oil on your scalp. 

They're scented with citrus essential oils to keep you + your hair smelling fresh all day long! 


These bath salt tubes are almost too pretty to use! Each tube is filled with epsom + sea salts along with different essential oils + flower petals. These make for one relaxing + luxury bath experience! 

As the soaps say, these raw bars are soothing • refreshing • cleansing and so much more! They smell insanely good and each one has a different purpose. A scrub bar for exfoliating, lavender + rosemary for helping dry skin and a solid shampoo bar for cleansing your locks! 

If using bar soap isn't really your thing, no worries! These would look so perfect displayed on a cute soap dish in your bathroom! 


Now onto the mini G I F T |  G U I D E for him + her!

Figuring out some V-day gifts shouldn't be stressful. If we're being honest, we're sure she'll love anything from Kittsona but here are a few of our favorite picks!
• A cute lovey hand-painted sign
• S'well bottle [ they are seriously the B E S T ] 
• 52 Lists for Happiness book
• Candy, candy, candy! All Kittsona locations have Valentines themed treats perfect for your gal!
• An adorable card filled with a lovey dovey message :) 

Raise your hand if shopping for the guy in your life is always a struggle [ our hands are raised ] Kittsona Lifestyle makes shopping for him a breeze. They've got a whole section dedicated to all things dude. Check out some of our favorite Valentine's picks for him above!
• State themed hats [ baseball + beanies ] 
• Solid colognes
• S'well bottle
• Super soft + super cozy flannel [ that you can steal from him! \ 
• Manly scented hand creams

Take the stress out of Valentine's Day giving and let us help! If you're not into giving the gifts stop in at our bath + beauty event this Thursday and pick up a little something for yourself! To you from you [ how perfect! ] Happy Valentine's, Queens! We L O V E each and every one of you! XO

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