S W E E T + S T I C K Y : Fall Treats

Fall weather, fall fashion, fall treats... we could go on forever about all of the aspects of fall that we l o v e. We've highlighted our fashion faves for fall so onto the sweet part! Hello fall and hello {gourmet} caramel apples! The options are endless with this sweet treat and that's what makes it f u n. Gone are the days when just caramel would coat your favorite crisp fruit. Amp up your caramel apple with some of your favorite toppings from nuts to candy bars and more! We've come up with a few tips + tricks to make you a caramel apple pro!

> > Start with the star of the show: apples. We used both red and green apples, whichever your preference. For the sticks we used plastic knives {gold, of course} but feel free to use anything that is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your apple + all the toppings. 

> > To give a new twist to our caramel apples we used this Coffee Caramel Sauce from Kittsona Lifestyle - Y U M! Pick out a few of your favorite candy toppings and place into individual bowls to make for easy dipping. Make sure the toppings are chopped or crushed into small pieces {we'll show you why later on}

> > Now it's time for the sticky + messy FUN part! Cover your apple in the caramel sauce. T I P : As our caramel apple making went on we realized that it's less messy and more effective to spread the caramel onto the apple with the spoon instead of dunking it. Dunking it leaves too much caramel on the apple leaving the caramel and the toppings to slide right off. That would leave us with just an apple. Nobody wants just an apple.

> > And for the finale: toppings! Peanuts, marshmallows, candy bars, graham crackers... the list is endless! Use just one or mix and match for a yummy combo! Just make sure they're crushed/chopped up into small bits! 

> > Remember our tip for crushing up your toppings into small bits? This is why. After oo'ing and aw'ing over how the M & M one was our favorite; we started to panic as the delicious multi-color chocolates started to slide into a pile at the base of the apple. The M & M's were too heavy to stick to the caramel leaving us with just an apple {we don't want that, remember?} We think mini M & M's would work great or just finely chopping up the big ones. Hey, not all homemade things can turn out perfect, right? 

> > And wa-lah! The messy {but SO worth it} aftermath. We never said this would be a glamorous project, just delicious! We recommend sticking your gourmet caramel apples in the fridge for a bit to help harden up the caramel to make the toppings stick better. We totally understand if you can't wait and want to eat them right away {some of our apples didn't make it to the fridge to harden :)} Shop the delicious caramel sauce and adorable serving trays at our Kittsona Lifestyle location! Happy fall, Queens!

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