Halloween is almost here! Can you believe it?! It seems like October f l e w by and it's almost time for one of our most favorite holidays of the year! From dressing up to having your favorite candy bars in miniature form, what's not to love about Halloween? Store bought costumes can get pretty spendy and we have a tough time dishing out the dough for something that we're going to wear for less than 12 hours. No fear! We've put together some looks that you can wear together to represent a costume but that can be worn separately well past the holiday! Enjoy!

This one's easy! Grab your favorite gal plan, one dress in all white and one in all black, throw your hair into a ballet bun, Pinterest an easy make up tutorial and wa-lah! Easy + elegant! 

Decades Costume : 70's Hippie + 80's Rocker
You'll be able to raid your parent's closet for this one! Don a flower crown, bell sleeves and a fringe vest for the ultimate peace + love 70's inspired look! Grab a vintage band tee, a bold necklace and some leather leggings for the ultimate 80's rock star costume! Stick on some temporary tattoos and don't forget to add some volume to that hair ;)

Beetlejuice . Beetlejuice . Beetlejuice
Head to toe stripes is a little much for us. We've opted to recreate a chic Beetlejuice costume :) Create some volume in your hair, add a thin layer of white face paint to your entire face and put some black around your eyes to complete the look! 

As if we needed a reason to dress head to toe in sparkles. Grab your sparkliest dress, most glam headband and throw on every rhinestone bracelet you own! Go all out for this Gatsby inspired look!

Hello, adorable! This is one of our favorites! Yellow sweater + denim overalls = the cutest minion costume! Wear some round frame sunglasses or find a DIY on Pinterest to create your own goggles!

Pumpkins and Halloween go hand in hand > take it to the next level and dress like one! Wear an orange dress with a fur vest to glam it up, throw on a green knit beanie to represent the stem and you'll be pretty as a pumpkin! :) 

Where's Waldo?
A classic costume that's easy to throw together! We used a red knit headband, red and white striped dress and blue leg warmers to replicate Waldo! Don't forget to wear a pair of thick black rimmed glasses to complete the look! 

G R E Y S C A L E Costume >
We know you have at least something grey and black in your closet > while everybody else will be full of color around you, you'll look straight out of a black and white photo! C O O L ! Find a grey scale make up tutorial to take your costume to it's full potential!  

Additional costume ideas that we l o v e include: you and a friend wear matching black dresses, throw on a pair of black ears and be the dancing girl emojis! Simple and easy! Have you and two of your friends wear matching grey dresses, mouse ears and sunglasses: wa-lah you're the 3-blind mice! 

You don't have to spend big bucks on a costume this year! Utilize things in your closet that you already have or shop for things that you can use that you'll know that you'll wear again! Be sure to share your pictures with us if you're using Kittsona pieces in your costume this Halloween! :) Have a safe, fun and Happy Halloween, Queens! XO

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