h e l l o [ HALLOWEEN ]

We know what you're thinking, Queens. Halloween? Already? We're totally on the same page as you! And if you're anything like us, we're sure you're scrambling for a last minute costume. We also have a hard time spending tons of money on a costume we're going to wear for less than 12 hours. Our tip every year is to use things in your closet that you already have or shop for things that you know you'll wear again! We've put some looks together that create some great costumes but that can also be worn separately well past the Halloween holiday! 

W A Y N E & G A R T H
How hilarious is this costume?! The best part? It can be thrown together with things already in your closet! Throw on a black tee and black baseball hat for Wayne and a graphic tee and flannel for Garth! Wear some distressed denim and you're ready to party on! 

B L A C K • C A T
All black + fur vest. We present to you the easiest costume ever! Add some cat ears [ that you can find in the dollar spot at Target, score! ] and you've got a cute + comfortable + purr-fect look for the evening! 

S A L T + P E P P E R
Not to be confused with the rapper duo [ Salt + Pepa ] this black and white costume is a great one for you and your bestie! Shop the Kori Dress online at kittsona.com to recreate this look and keep it in your closet for everyday wear! 

P A U L + B A B E
Every northerns favorite duo: Paul Bunyan + Babe the Blue Ox! A black hat + red and black checkered flannel are the simple necessities for Paul and throw on anything blue for Babe! 

H A R R Y • P O T T E R
Your dreams of going to Hogwarts have come true! Look like everyones favorite wizard this year by using this burgundy romper and mustard sweater layered under a long black bomber jacket! Complete with glasses, a wand and of course his signature lightning bolt scar! 

If you're the hostess of the Halloween party this year try making this delicious fall punch! 

We hope you have a safe, fun and happy Halloween, Queens! Share with us if you're using Kittsona pieces in your costume this year! 

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