Holiday Party {FASHION}

It's no secret that the holidays can be pretty stressful. Gift buying, decorating, party go'ing... list just seems to keep on going. It's a time of year that should be festive, fun and full of celebration so as hard as it may seem sometimes we just have to whisper to ourselves, "It's going to be OK!" It seems to have snuck up on us but 'tis the season of holiday parties! Between work, friends and family, figuring out what to wear to the festivities can be difficult. You want to be comfortable without looking too casual and you don't really want to buy something that you know you'll only end up wearing once. We get it, Queens! We asked for some holiday help from one of our very own, Alexy! Enjoy!

If you didn't know our Creative Director, Alexy, lives and loves all things fashion and style. Her outfits from head to toe are always put together and perfect! She's a lover of all things leather, black and lace > > an edgy Queen on the outside with a heart of G O L D on the inside! We put together some of our "need to know" holiday outfit questions for Alexy to answer! 





KITTSONA: Do we have so sacrifice comfort when dressing up? 
ALEXY: Of course not! When it comes to the holiday's, comfort is in the top 3 for my 'what do I wear' check list. At holiday events, there is a lot of walking around, sitting, standing, up and down movements, laughing, dancing, and of course - eating. [ you can find me at the dessert table ] With those factors in mind, comfort is k e y.  My go-to comfort options for the holidays: oversize sweaters { the baggier, the better } + flannels + leggings.  

The sweater is all around comfortable while being cozy.  You can can pair it with leggings and ankle booties with a classic staple necklace.  The necklace will be the finishing dressy look to your outfit. t i p: swap out your basic leggings for leather leggings.  You can keep it simple and classic with basic black, or add in a festive twist with a pop of color such as burgundy! Another plus of oversize sweaters - they play the role of a dress but without the constant pulling down and readjusting every time you sit or stand. 

A: Rock your favorite flannel with leggings or patterned tights.  One of my personal favorites is the Odele Flannel.  The long length of this flannel allows you to be comfortable pairing it with leggings or patterned tights.  Top this look off with a faux fur or patterned vest.  The fur will add warmth and give your flannel outfit a little bit of edge [my favorite].

K: Should we spend money on a statement piece that can only be worn for the party? 
A: Any s t a t e m e n t piece can be turned into the perfect s t a p l e piece! I love fashion and any chance I come across a statement piece - it is hard for me to pass because there are so many ways to make it a staple for your wardrobe. But I will be honest and give you a little tip before the impulse I MUST HAVE THIS OR I WILL DIE purchase.  We all know the holidays are a {fun} excuse to splurge on that special jumpsuit, red skirt, sequin joggers, statement blazer, or must have LBD.  But before you do, quickly do a memory scan of your wardrobe and think of other ways you can incorporate that piece into other options to wear.  Cardigans, jackets {leather + denim}, fur vests, tights, and accessories are a few options that can be paired with almost any statement piece to make it the staple must have. 

A: If you have multiple parties, weddings, or events this holiday season, then absolutely you can wear this statement piece more than once.  My guess is there will be different guests at each event. I know you are thinking, 'What if someone see's me wearing this twice' Queens don't you worry. Change it up with a swap of accessories.  There are many different ways to change the look of an outfit from a simple swap of a necklace to a quick change of shoes.  One night wear your favorite black pumps that give you legs for days.  At the next event, switch it to your favorite burgundy booties that you purchased first thing this season + add your leather jacket for the finishing touch! Chic + Classy to Sweet + Sassy.  


K: How can we incorporate the statement piece into our everyday closet?
A: The holidays are over and now you have this statement piece hanging in your closet whispering 'wear me, wear me, wear me' - Listen Queens, you can easily wear it! Sequin joggers for example.  [ I will give you a second to catch your breath and admire their raw beauty ] People think sequin joggers are only for Christmas and / or New Years Eve. Think again Queens! As beautiful and stunning as they are with that extra pop of sparkle, they can easily be worn as casual as they can dressy! 

A: Pair them with a simple white tee, denim jacket, and fur vest for an edgy look.  A little dressed down but still comfortable to wear out for the street chic look.  

A: Pair your sequin joggers with a simple chambray top.  This is the perfect outfit that can go from daytime wear to a GNO with your ladies! Running errands for the day and want to show off your favorite s t a p l e piece? Silly not to! Grab your favorite flats, simple graphic tee and top it off with a longer cardigan.  Comfortable for all day long errands while still looking fabulous!


K: How can we dress up our already favorite LBD?
A: Every Queen has a little black dress { or 7 } But that's ok! What is great about them is their versatility! Whether it is a favorite sleeveless summer style dress or a new winter lace detailed one, all little black dresses can be transformed for any occasion. Starting with sleeveless.  It is December, which normally means snow, windchill, ice, 15 degrees and below. {{ except for this winter, l o v e this weather! }} Wear this sleeveless dress with black tights + constructed blazer.  I like to stick with pattern tights if you are going to rock a solid pattern LBD.  It will add a little extra to your outfit without going too busy.  Adding a blazer will give you sleeves to keep you warm and a chic, sophisticated look.  A blazer is the perfect accessory as you can rock your dress with, or without it for the evening.  Two looks; 1 dress [ w i n ]

A: Your favorite LBD have lace detail and you're afraid you can't dress it up anymore? Think again, there are many options to dress up your already dressy LBD. Keep it simple with a statement necklace.  Big, bold, and bib.  The style of the year.  These necklaces have been a h u g e hit and aren't going anywhere! They are bold and eye catching, and the bib details allows it for clean ware. Especially with all of the dancing that might happen at your holiday event!

A: Adding a leather jacket will take your LBD one step dressier + edgier.  If you are a leather Queen, [ like myself ] go ahead and rock it.  Leather jackets aren't just a fall trend, they can be year round! Ultimate sophistication - f u r.  The combination of the lace dress details paired with a faux fur jacket, dynamic duo.  I love the simple contrasting patterns.  It is clean, chic, sassy, and oh so dressy! 


blog 1.jpg

K: How can we go outside the traditional holiday color palette?
A: Red.  Silver.  Gold.  Black.  Not so much in your color palette? That is ok, there is no rule that says we have to wear those colors for the season. It really is up to your personal style and mood of the day.  If you're like me, your color palette may lack in the color department and mainly consist of black, gray, leather, and fur.  To add a pop of color to your monochrome look, let your lips do the talking.  Lip color is the new phenomenon with leading ladies like Taylor Swift + Kylie Kardashian rocking colors from cherry red to barely there nude.  Grab your favorite lip gloss or matte style and rock it!  Whether you prefer dark, vibrant, or subtle - it is a great touch of color to a simple holiday look.

Pantone comes out with a color of the year every year.  For 2016 they have two >> Rose Quartz + Serenity.  Be ahead of the game Queens and rock these colors this holiday season.  They are soft, feminine, simple, and trendsetting while still being festive, holly + jolly.  

K: When happens when we have to take our shoes off at the party? 
A: You start to panic and get really nervous because A: you found this killer pair of shoes to go perfect with your LBD outfit, and they aren't indoor friendly. B: you are wearing socks that didn't find their matching partner { shocker } or C: you've been busy Christmas shopping and didn't have time to get a pedicure done so you are wearing your birthday pedicure from November. It's okay Queens, these things happen! No need to stress over a simple house courtesy of removing shoes while still rocking your holiday outfit.  

But wait, I'm wearing tights, don't socks look silly with tights? Make the socks part of your outfit before you go!  You can definitely wear your black or neutral color knee high socks with your booties! They can be worn fully extended over the knee with your outfit, or you can scrunch them down to your ankle for a layered look with your shoes.  Then when it is time to remove your shoes, you are already covered { literally }. 

A: Planning ahead is key.  Remember those socks you were gifted last year from your dear sweet grandma?  Well find those and pack them with you! If you are like me, I always have cold feet.  Believe it or not, I pack socks with me if the shoes I am wearing don't allow me to wear socks, for times like these.  They keep you warm and they can play the role as an indoor shoe accessory.  t i p >> slipper socks this year are a big trend! Thicker than your average sock and have fun patterns to chose from! Throw them in your purse for backup plan and when it comes time to put them on, everyone will be jealous of the warm fuzzies on your feet. 

There you have it, Queens! Some holiday party outfit tips + tricks to keep you looking fancy and feeling great! A big thank you to Alexy for answering our questions! Have a question about what to wear for your holiday party? Ask any one of our Kittsona girls and they'd be more than willing to lend a helping hand!