We're going to be honest with you, Queens. We. Hate. The. Cold. There, we said it. There's nothing fun about having to go outside when the temperature dips well below zero and it hurts to breath. But while we can't hibernate in our house all winter watching Netflix {how awesome would that be though} us Midwestern ladies need to face the freezing head on and make the best of the situation! Rock it out in the tundra by staying stylish + warm the fashionable way: layering. 

Layers not only give you warmth but can add dimension and different texture to your outfit. 

Start with a basic piece as a base and layer on top with a flannel or sweater. Throw on your favorite vest and add on the accessories! Scarves + jewelry can even be layered for a unique look. 

Mixing fabrics is also another fun way to layer. Pair a thermal with a denim top followed by a chunky knit scarf for a unique + comfortable look. Plus, you can always shed some layers if you get too warm! 

You don't have to leave the layering just for the top half of your body. Knee-high socks can be scrunched down around your ankles paired with a pair of booties for a dimensional look. 

Layering also makes it easy to get more wear out of your "summer only" pieces. Put a sleeveless summer dress under a chunky sweater, throw on some tights and you've completed your look! Don't pack away your clothes seasonally, you can always mix and match + layer under and over to get more use out of all of your favorite pieces! 

Double the scarves means double the warmth > yes, please! 

Vests aren't just for layering over a basic piece! They're perfect for over a chunky knit sweater too!

Layer up and stay stylish and cozy, Queens! Winter isn't going away anytime soon so might as well make the best of the {chilly} situation and try out something new!