NYFW // Translated

You've probably seen something relating to New York Fashion Week recently. The event was held in New York City (duh) from February 12 - 19. Now, for us every-day gals here in the Midwest, it's all fun to watch the flashing lights on our favorite models. But let's get real- 99% of those fashions you will never, ever see walking down Main Street in your hometown.

So that's why we're here: to help translate the new "it" styles into a girl-next-door, Main-Street-friendly, realistic trend that you can duplicate.

First up!: BARBIE PINK

In the Spring collections there was one color that reined; this bright, Barbie pink. Check out this picture from the Kate Spade show...

This hot pink was also seen all around NYC at Tokyo Runway Meets New York, Ralph Lauren, and on Rihanna at the Versace show.

Now lucky for us, this color is pretty attainable! The pop of color can translate nicely into any wardrobe, whether you're doing a full-on pink dress, or mixing a pink tote with a neutral outfit.


We are loving this trend! It's so simple and stylish, anyone can pull it off. All you need is a solid, basic top, and a patterned pant. Combine the two and boom - hippie chic. Add statement jewelry or a long necklace to give it an extra dose of glam.

Next on the list: BLACK

As always, a chic go-to for any wardrobe. As you can see pictured, no one pulls off this black-on-black look better than the runway princess herself, Kendall Jenner. Note how she mixes textures and fabrics for dimension, while still keeping it simple and classy? Perfection, all around.

Thankfully for us Midwesterners, this style is relatively easy to pull off. Kittsona has pieces that can be put together to get this effortlessly sassy look. This jacket is a great place to start- it combines fabric with a slash of leather. The perfect combo!- take a peak...


Well, the title pretty much says it all! It's Easy Like Sunday Morning meets Friday night out. Lauren Conrad meets Kylie Jenner. Skinny caramel macchiato meets dark roast coffee. You get the point...

Easy peasy. Combine a pair of black statement leggings with your favorite (basic) comfy top, and voila!


The hottest, and most dreaded, style of the spring: the crop top. Hottest, because it shows off just enough skin to be equal parts sexy and chic. Dreaded, because we're not all Karlie Kloss. Fear no more, Queens! Have you every thought of pairing a tank under the top? Get that sexy look with all the comfort. If you're wearing a black legging with the crop top, try a black tank.

For the daring dolls out there - check out this style (as seen on Christina Milian) at Kittsona!


If you can find one of these rompers, you can pull off this look. Accessorize with overstated jewelry for a hip look this spring. We have black full body rompers available now at Kittsona! The look on the left was featured at the Loana Ciolacu fashion show.

And our favorite look from NYFW: FRIENDS

The new super-friends were in full force at NYFW. Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delevingne. And what do we love MOST about this model dream team? They're rocking the girl-next-door, barely-there makeup, approachable style that we love. Happy girls are the prettiest girls, right?! (Click to zoom)

There you have it! 2015's New York Fashion Week translated. What's your favorite look?

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