SPRING [statements]

It finally feels like summer around here, Queens! Warm weather, later sunsets and a chance to break out our long awaited dresses + shorts. We. Are. Loving. It! In this weeks blog we are covering all things accessories. Ways to make a spring statement by using the "less is more" trend! It's all about the simple + delicate details in this seasons jewelry trend and we're showcasing some of our favorite styles! + ways to stand out using our AMAZING liquid lipsticks!

Marble . Marble . Marble . Marble -- We can't get enough! Seriously! This look is high up on our list of favorites and we've seen it be used in SO many jewelry pieces this season! Paired with gold accents it's enough to make us snatch it up and add it to our collection!

We've all heard the saying, "Less is more." It fits perfectly with these rings we've been loving! Simple, clean and everything we need! This style has us swooning! [ heart eye emoji ]

You can find loads of gorgeous pendant necklaces at any of our locations! Long chains with colored pendants [ natural stones + druzzy styles ] and chain fringe detail is available is so many different options, lengths and colors! 

Thin + simple is replacing big + bold / / / and we love it! Basics are so popular on the apparel side of things this spring/summer and we think these necklaces can add just the right amount of sparkle to your outfit! A simple statement that is anything BUT boring!

Thin + simple jewelry makes it easier to stack on the necklaces, rings and bracelets without feeling weighed down! 

OK, 90's babies - where you at?! The choker trend is back and now more chic than ever. These aren't your old quarter machine tattoo chokers that have made their way back from the 90's. They are chic, real lace, and have different elements [ simple chains ] mixed in and layered with them. [ we were hesitant too ] Throw one on and feel the memories from your childhood come rushing back [ while looking cute as EVER! ] 

Meet an a m a z i n g cruelty-free, vegan, amazing formulated liquid lipstick. These babies are about to become your must-have lip gloss. They go on like a lip gloss, but dries to a matte, velvety finish about one minute after application! They'll stay on all day even after eating and drinking! 

These little tubes of heaven FLY out the doors as soon as they make their way into the stores. If you see a color you like while shopping in the stores - buy it! We know you won't regret it! [ our signature color is berry nude ] OBSESSED! 

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