You've probably heard, seen or watched something related to New York Fashion week in the past few days. Seeing the eclectic styles, gorgeous models and high energy runway shows are always entertaining but some of the styles are a little too far out for our taste. We've gathered a few of our favorite trends from this years NYFW runway and added a bit of Kittsona + Midwest twist.

Monochrome, fur, fringe and color blocking are just a few of our favorite trends that we noticed consistently. Enjoy a few of our favorites!

We noticed that neutrals are huge part of designers collections this year and we are excited! You can't go wrong with neutrals + they match with everything!

We are loving the monochromatic trend too! Although it only uses variations of one color, we think the trend is anything but b o r i n g! 

Mixing + matching patterns and textures is something we've always been a fan of which is why we were thrilled to see it on the runway! Adding different variations in your outfits is an easy way to make yourself stand out from the rest! We loved putting together this style that mixes floral with stripes! The sweater makes this look more casual and it can be transitioned into night by taking off the sweater and throwing on a statement necklace!

Mixing + matching patterns is easy with this jacket!

Vests, vests, vests! Our ultimate favorite fall staple has been seen on high fashion runways! Y A Y! Us Midwest girls are doing something right! :) Faux fur vests add a great variation of texture in any outfit! We love the added fringe bag + leather accents with this outfit adding even more variation + movement + texture!

We love introducing subtle hints of fringe in outfits too! The sleeves on this dress are gorgeous + the chain fringe on the necklace ties it all together!

We mixed a cotton top with this leather romper to create a unique look. Adding a chunky metal statement necklace brought it to a bold new level! The detail on the back of this outfit is out of this w o r l d > the cotton top features a criss cross pattern allowing more of the leather to peek through!

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