shoes Shoes SHOES

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.
— Marilyn Monroe

So, what happens when you find the right shoes, but you aren't sure how to pair them with the right pants?! Don't worry, the Kittsona girl squad is here to make it easy. Follow these easy steps, and you won't go wrong.

RULE ONE :: roll the skinnys

Strappy summer sandals and booties typically have higher backs on them. Make sure you roll up your skinny jeans so show off all your kicks have to offer! Make two small rolls (or as desired), so you hide the bottom seams of your jeans.

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RULE TWO :: overlap joggers/rompers

Have yourself a pair of adorable jogger pants or the perfect jumpsuit, but not sure how to wear shoes with them? Grab your favorite pair of heels and overlap the tops of them just slightly with the pants. A great thing about jogger pants is you can adjust where the waistline begins, or even roll the waist over to make your pants shorter, depending on the length of your legs (and your shoes!).

Click on the images below to shop the looks online!

RULE THREE :: get trendy [flat] sandals

In the summer you should always have a trendy pair of flat sandals for those long shopping days and street festivals! This year we're loving buckles and camel browns. Pair these with nearly everything: denim shorts, printed shorts, skinny jeans (see rule one!), boyfriend jeans, and so on. And remember- paint those toes! ;)